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ZhenYunService Items 服务项目

Our company is a one-stop service provider of GST一站式通关解决方案服务商

One stop export service One stop export service
Provide all station quality and quick customs clearance service.
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Customs clearance Customs clearance
Professional teams provide professional services such as making orders, checking lists, classifying, and creating customs clearance rates.
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Transport logistics Transport logistics
Provide domestic logistics, port logistics, international freight forwarding and other logistics services.
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Exclusive Merchandiser Exclusive Merchandiser
One to one exclusive consultant tracking the whole process for you
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FLEX service for yourFLEX service for your logistics in different industries飞利迅-提供快捷的通关解决方案服务

Service hotline0755-29987426


Zhenyun-Provide fast customs clearance solution service Save time and cost for your traders飞利迅-提供快捷的通关解决方案服务

Customs clearance policy Tailored for the enterprise
For all kinds of goods,Flexible way of customs clearance,Strictly examine and verify the application materials Provide quick customs clearance service to customers.
Service team Seamless and fast service
Fast customs declaration service,The upstream and downstream teams connect seamlessly, strengthen the risk control of each link, and avoid the worries of customers' risks
One stop supply chain service Brand aging creates value
Covering Shenzhen and YiwuTwo major locations to save cost and create value for customers
Tracking after sales service Guarantee the whole process without worry
Assign forwarder to arrange transportation, track import and export goods, delivery status, ensure each shipment Timely delivery to the customer's designated placeContinuous tracking,Maintain timely communication for customers Avoid worries

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One stop customs clearance service, international trade, transportation and warehousing business.
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